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Living with the Demographic "Time Bomb"

Women on Top magazine(WOT), January 2011 - By Murray Anderson - Click here to download PDF - 1.2MB

Rosemary Pearson is a survivor of the demographic time bomb. If you haven't heard of it yet, you will, since it’s the result of changes in the make up of Canada's population and the fact that Canada is graying. Driven by developments in medicine and health care, a person's life expectancy is longer than ever. When you combine that with a lower overall birth rate, and the aging of the baby boom generation, Canada is getting older. In fact, according to Stats Canada, by 2016 almost 16% of Canada's popula-tion will be over the age of 65 and by 2031(just over 21 years from now), more than 23%, or almost a quarter of the total population, will be over 65.

It's unclear how our governments and institutions are going to deal with our aging population. From a family’s perspective, the implication is obvious – since more and more people are going to be living longer, virtually every family is going to have to deal with aging parents.

Personal Impact of the Demographic Time Bomb

As a member of the "sandwich" generation, Rosemary Pearson has a young family, a career and an aging parent. A few years ago her seemingly healthy and independent living father woke up with excruciating pain in his back that was diagnosed as a broken vertebra. As a result, he couldn't continue to live alone and needed to find a 'home.' The responsibility for finding that new home fell to Rosemary. Never having done anything similar, she found the search for her dad's new home time-consuming and frustrating. So many questions and so few answers to the seemingly simple questions like: what types of home are available? where are they located? what services does each provide, and, of course, how much do they cost?

After going through the process herself, Rosemary realized many people would be in a personal situation similar to her own, and would be just as challenged and frustrated as she had been. Fellow members of the 'sandwich generation' are all busy with their own children and their careers, but are also concerned with the health and well being of their aging parents. She was sure they would welcome someone who could save them time and stress by guiding them through the process of finding the right home for their parents.

Seniors Transition Solutions

The concept behind Seniors Transition Solutions is to save families time, while helping them through the transition of a senior living independently, to living in a seniors home. Each family's requirements are unique and while Rosemary's father needed a home that could provide a level of health care, many seniors are making the move from a family home to a retirement home as a life style choice. For example, in addition to people needing health care, people dealing with the loss of a spouse, or even healthy seniors who are just tired of the work needed to maintain a house like cutting the lawn or shoveling the snow in winter, are starting to consider a move to a retirement home.

At Seniors Transition Solutions, the process of finding the best home begins with an initial discussion involving the whole family and covers a range of topics including health issues (are there any and if so what are they?), diet (is a special diet necessary?), how much (or how little) help does the senior need in day to day living?, where is the best geographic location for the new home?, what kind of social activities are of interest?, what type of accommodation (suite or apartment) are they looking for? and of course the family's budget and how much are they prepared to pay?

Next, using the family input as a guide to narrow down the options available, Seniors Transition Solutions recommends some homes that meet their requirements. Since Rosemary has actually visited and met with the people who run most of the retirement homes in Ottawa and the surrounding area, she can provide personal insights and make informed recommendations on homes that match the family's needs. In addition, beyond simply providing recommendations, Rosemary also arranges appointments to view selected homes and will accompany the family on their visits to see them. She will even arrange for and accompany them to the lease signing.

In addition, once the family has decided on a new home, Seniors Transition Solutions has partnered with other professionals (real estate agents, lawyers, financial advisers, moving and downsizing consultants) who can save the family time and effort by guiding them through the process of clearing, downsizing and selling the family home, as well as arranging the move to the chosen new home.

An Option for Many Families

While the Canadian demographic time bomb contin-ues to tick and Canada's population becomes greyer, retirement homes are becoming part of many family's lives. Seniors Transition Solutions works by providing a combination of knowledgeable, friendly and personal service, helps save families time, simplify the selection process and reduce stress and anxiety for the whole family.


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