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Not ready to move into a retirement home. Why not start the process now. Find out what's out there so you're ready when the time is right. Give Seniors Transition Solutions a call at 613-293-1359.

If you're considering assisting your parents with a move into a retirement home and are not sure where to start, Seniors Transition Solutions can help you. We meet with you and your family, find out what type of retirement home you are looking for, set up appointments and accompany you to each home.

Our goal is to save you time and simplify the process. Whether you live out of town or locally, we will assist with the details. We all want the best for our parents.

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Transition Times

The decision to make a lifestyle change from living on your own to moving into a retirement home can be difficult and emotional whether you are healthy or have health issues requiring more care. Seniors Transition Solutions recognizes that this type of transition will be exciting for some and challenging for others. Some seniors will embrace the change, while others may feel that they are losing their independence. The best time to make the move is when you are still healthy and enjoying life.

There may be a number of reasons why seniors move into a retirement home:
  • Upkeep of their home is overwhelming
  • No longer able to look after themselves physically
  • They do not want to be a burden on their children/multigenerational living overwhelming
  • Loss of a spouse
  • Isolation
  • Safety becoming an issue
  • Trouble remembering to take medication

The benefits of living in a retirement home are:

  • Feel safe/secure in your new home environment
  • Have professional staff on hand if you need them to assist with administration, bathing etc.
  • Have meals, cleaning and laundry taken care of for you
  • Participate in social activities and have fun

  Participate in social activities and have fun

Living in a retirement home has benefits.

  Whatever your reasons, Senior Transition Solutions will assist you with this change.

Seniors Transition Solutions will meet with you and your family. You will be assessed as to what your needs and requirements are. Seniors Transition Solutions will recommend a number of suitable retirement residences, set up appointments and accompany you on visits providing you with insight and support. The final decision of where to live is yours.

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