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How Seniors Transition Solutions Was Created

Seniors Transition Solutions was created as a result of a personal family experience. One day my elderly father was getting out of bed when he felt severe back pain. He continued his daily activities, however not to the degree as he normally would. After two days my sister took him to emergency. After a series of tests, the doctor told him that he had a cracked vertebra and recommended that he longer live alone.

The doctor suggested two options. He could move to a retirement home or live with a family member. Living with a family member was not an option. In order for my father to remain independent, we all agreed that a retirement home was the best option.

We held a family meeting to discuss finding my dad a new home. We wanted to find a retirement community that was as comfortable as the neighbourhood he had lived in for over thirty-five years. I did the research. years. I did the research. When I typed in Ottawa Retirement Homes, the list that came up was overwhelming. Ottawa has over one hundred retirement homes. It was a lot of information to process at a very difficult time. Where to start? Which home would be the best for him? Once we found him a suitable residence, there was an adjustment period. A month later, we all commented on how well he was doing. It was the happiest we had seen him in a long time.

He was the catalyst for the creation of Seniors Transition Solutions. I experienced what it is like dealing with a loved one's aging process. It made me recognize that there is a need out there to help other seniors in a similar situation.


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